Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/05/2010 - First Final Day

Today plainly started out with me thinking that Lil Wayne was gonna be a free man. I logged on to the PC only to find out that the new Kanye West song is pretty good, ,and Lil Wayne's sentence was prolonged for one more day. Kind of a bummer, but there's nothing too horrible about it, worse things have happened.

Also today I took the Algebra 2 final, and the health final. Algebra 2, I'm fairly disappointed in myself, and I know I can do better this upcoming quarter. For the health final, I aced that shit son. I don't know about aced, but I did fairy alright.

Tomorrow I have no third block final, considering I have AIS, Imma finish up some US history stuff, then goof off with my buddy Darrin.

After my finals today me and Sarah embarked on a quest, it took us about two hours, but our quest was a success. Near the end of our quest we went to Walgreens and I got this new face wash. After we hung out I went in to work, and closed up shop with my boss. That's always an adventure...

After work I cam home and kicked it for a little while, I watched some thing on the history channel about aliens, and now I'm watching something about Greek mythology. But now I'm about to study for my government final, then hit the sack.

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