Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Crazy Days

I'm just gonna start this off by saying yesterday was crazy as hell. I woke up at this house that I had crashed at. I woke up at around nine o clock, only to find my friend Christian sleeping on the porch. I wake his ass up then we head to my house.

We chill there for a bit, both take showers and just kicked it for a bit. After a couple minutes of being bored, we try to come up on some money. So I walk into the living room and grabbed all of my step dad's movies (he left my mom so fuck it) walked down the street and sold them bitches for 10 dollars. Shit was raw.

After we get our money and shiz we walk up to my work and I score us free food. We then walk to our buddy Spanky's house, but he was a bitch ass nigga.

I'll finish this later


  1. Nice! you should turn off the anti spam on the comment!

  2. You sold your step dad's movies. Love it!

  3. Yeah, well he left my mom on some serious pussy shit, I'll blog about this week. You guys gonna follow me? =]]

  4. hah fuck that guy sounds like a PoS anyway